Please bookmark either
http://bit.ly/4swmca or http://swmca.vze.com ,
as they will now be permanent addresses for the classic website of SWMCA Brands & Holding LLC. For those using our express website; swmca.com, don't worry, we will point it to an ARIA version once we've gotten it created.


Why the change?

ARIA is so readers for the blind and other assistive devices can access our websites. It really was time to update the websites anyway. Originally we were going to just overhaul our existing classic website at http://swmca.eu.pn, which existed almost since we first started offering our fonts to the public [2012]. We would have been limited in adding new languages or even new sections to our existing offerings. We also needed a website just for corporate affairs, which is what the original website will become.

So the changes are just for the impaired, right?

Wrong! Some things to be added such as the privacy policy, and our substainibility practices involve your right to know. Others new sections will be added, like a portfolio area. TypeShow; or an equivalent program will be added so you can come here to the new company website to see for yourself if our availible fonts are right for you. Only about a fraction of our dealer-brokers offer a "test drive" feature, and most of those offer our free or reduced cost budget offerings. This was totally unfair to those who paid the most for our offerings. They had to buy it first, then pray it worked. The e-stores of many of these dealerships such as revolve.com and Etsy were never designed to offer typography, but instead they were designed to offer mp3 or mp4 recordings, e-books, and the like. We can't "make them" change their program coding or e-cart structure either. Soon you'll be able to test drive all the SWMCA typographic offerings availible to the public regardless of price. Oh yeah, company secret: Some outlets have more offerings than others; but, not a single one of our dealer-brokers or leasing agents offer all of the SWMCA fonts and typefaces. This was done to encourage customers to shop around as well as a measure to assure that the company was giving a degree of fairness to it's distributors.

Didn't you start this last year?

Actually yes, and the url kept changing too. This is because we had problems with our website and others on particular hosts being denied to visitors due to stuff like malware and phishing, done by a few, yet everyone got punished. That included Hostinger too, one of the best in the business. Sometimes even the file manager itself got blocked. This website won't have those problems because it's delivered via a cloud server.

How will this 'go down'?

We will keep BOTH this location and the current location of our classic website open during this migration and rebuilding period, so some sections (the ones completed here) will be fully accessible, while others (under contruction or in the queue to be) aren't accessible yet, but soon will be. Menus at both classic websites will be updated as needed. NOTE: the menu here has additional selections, not availible at the original classic website [since that one is closing to the public soon].

All our public websites are closed currently but we invite you to click here and enjoy a movie.